Menachem "Matthew" Klein, is a Healer, Seer, Medical Clairvoyant, Spiritual Teacher, Counselor, Kung Fu Master, Writer and Product Formulator/Developer. Using divine perception and multi-cultural spiritual and scientific wisdom, Menachem has guided thousands back to mental, physical and spiritual well-being.

A tenacious student of nature and the Universe, Menachem is well versed in the workings of the plant and animal kingdom. He uses his compassion and sensitivity to work directly with the souls of the herbs carefully constructing formulas that are then blessed through prayer, meditation and chanting. He has formulated and designed Nationally distributed products for mainstream progressive health companies. Menachem is a servant of the divine, committed to comfort and bless all those who are open to receive.

Medical Clairvoyance is the ability to see(Clair) clearly(voyant) the conditions of the human body using no apparatus or device other than the human extrasensory senses.

As all things in the Universe obey the law of Cause & Effect, the ability to determine the true cause may ultimately leads to a healing effect.

Sometimes results are seen immediately, other times they require more time to integrate.


. Energetic Diagnosis - Menachem is known for finding the energetic source of chronic conditions that have been otherwise un-diagnosable.

. Cysts, Fibroids and other types of growths.
. Mental Afflictions, Psychological and Emotional Afflictions (Depression, Anxiety, Rage, Grief).

. Past Life Trauma Clearing

. Chronic Pain and Nervous System disorders

. Metabolic Disorders. (Adrenal Fatigue)

. Removal of evil eyes and curses

. Infertility

. Assistance in discovering your Life Mission and Purpose

. Guidance in proper Meditation

. Instruction in Self Healing Modalities


Menachem "Matthew" Klein (Healer, Medical Clairvoyant & Spritual Teacher), using Heightened Sensitivity and Divine Vision, will assist you to identify, remove and resolve energy blockages of Body, Mind and Spirit.





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